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    The New BioTek Marine Reactors are Here

    Aquarium Specialty is pleased to announce that the new BioTek Marine Reactors are now shipping.  BioTek Marine offers 2 different lines of Media and Pellet Driver Reactors and each reactor type is available in 3 different sizes.  The Bio Series reactors are black and red with clear acrylic tubing with the Tek Series reactors are blue and grey with blue tinted cast acrylic tubing.  The media reactors are great for fluidizing PO4x4 phosphate removing media but they can also be used for other type of aquarium media such as GFO, carbon and other types of absorption medias.  The Pellet Driver reactors were designed for use with biopellets and All-In-One Biopellets.  Water passes through the center tube and down to the bottom of the reactor.  Water then passes through laser cut holes in the uniquely designed perforated base plate.  This baseplate fluidizes the biopellet media without pulverizing it.



    Bio & Tek Series Media Reactor Sizes:


    • 4″ diameter x 10″ tall
    • 4″ diameter x 16″ tall
    • 4″ diameter x 22″ tall




    • Made in the USA with USA Made Plastics
    • Double welded seams
    • Laser & CNC manufactured parts
    • Right angle hose barb fittings
    • Recessed o-ring lid for reliable seal
    • Laser engraved  BioTek Marine logo lid
    • Unique acrylic plate allows water to pass through but not the media
    • Elegant design
    • Precision engineering ensures easy to tighten thumb screws


    For more information on the BioTek Marine Media and Pellet Driver reactors please visit Aquarium Specialty or contact customer service.