• Reef Bum’s New Website & Royal Exclusiv Dreambox System


    Keith Berkelhamer, Founder & Chief Reefologist, and Aquarium Specialty customer and has launched a new website called ReefBum.com and we thought it would be nice if you knew about it.

    Reef Bum was setup to help hobbyists create the reef tank of their dreams.  Per the ReefBum website, Keith is focusing on three main areas: CultivationEducation and Inspiration. On the cultivation side the objective is to provide SPS collectors with rare and premium aqua-cultured SPS frags farmed straight from his display tank. His blog will be utilized for the educational piece and to share the knowledge he has accumulated over the last 20 years. Finally, vivid photos, HD videos and a Live HD webcam will bring things to life virtually and serve as sources of inspiration.

    Below is one of many video clips Keith has produced in preparation for the launch of ReefBum.  Keith purchased the Dreambox system from Aquarium Specialty earlier in 2015 and we are pleased that he has allowed us to share a little bit about his new site.