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    Felt vs. Nylon Filter Socks, which is best for You?


    BioTek Marine Felt 4″ & 7″ Filter Socks

    In August 2014 BioTek Marine introduced it’s new high quality, double stitched 4″ & 7″ nylon filter socks.  These socks have been a huge success for hobbyists all over the US.  Recently, BioTek Marine decided to also offer the felt material filter socks and diligently began to source the best materials available.  After some R&D, BioTek Marine introduced it’s new 4″ and 7″ felt material filter socks.  Both the 4″ and 7″ felt filter socks are available in 100 and 200 micron pore sizes.  The 4″ felt filter socks are 14″ in length while the 7″ felt filter socks are 17″ in length.

    Unlike some cheaper models on the market, the BioTek Marine felt material filter socks will hold up better and last through more cleanings before they need to be replaced,  thus making them more economical than many of the other felt socks being used today.  Both of these filter socks are well-designed and highly suitable for your filtering needs.  Deciding between nylon and filter depends greatly on individual preferences and maintenance style.Felt socks are very good at polishing the aquarium water while nylon socks are easier to clean and more durable.  If you are looking for the best quality filter socks then these BioTek nylon and felt filter socks are your best bet!


















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    consider trying the new BioTek Marine 100 & 200 micron socks.  If you haven’t tried nylon filter socks then check out the 100, 200, 300 or 400 micron nylon socks.

    If you are using more than one sock in your sump at a time then you might want to consider using a the nylon sock as your 1st stage of filtration and then use a felt sock as the 2nd stage (provided that your sump water passes from one sock to the next).  The nylon sock will trap debris before the water passes to the 2nd sock, increasing the time between sock cleanings and/or replacement.

    BioTek Marine nylon filter sock customer review:

    “These socks are Awesome! I’ve used every type of mesh and felt sock there is, no comparison to these Biotek nylon mesh socks. Other mesh socks are really stiff, these are a fine material that rinses easily. Quality stitching on these socks and are as cheap as the other brands too.”


    BioTek Marine Nylon 4″ & 7″ Filter Socks