• Cobalt Aquatics is Launching Several New Products

    Cobalt Aquatics has recently announced the launch of several new products that will be hitting the market in the coming months.  Here’s a list of some of them and what to expect from the company that sits about 60 miles to the North of us. Aquarium Specialty will be placing stock orders for the new products in the coming days and weeks.  Below are a few of the products with some details and pricing along with a timeline on when the new Cobalt Aquatics products will be released.

    Neostat Electrical Thermostat Control

    The Cobalt Aquatics Neostat can control up to a 500 watt heating element, but it’s a one-way heater controller, and as of now cannot be used to control a chiller. The Neostat has a range of 66F to 96F with highly visible and intuitive indicator LEDs that let you know the set temperature and actual temperature, as well as allowing for programming with the push of a single button.

    Even if you already have a heater with electronic temperature control, the Neostat adds an extra level of security should your heater’s built-in thermostat stick “on” and cook your livestocks. As someone who came from the I.T. industry, redundancy is best when it comes to keeping your prized fish and corals happy.  

    We expect to see a street price close to $115 and product should begin shipping at the end of March of beginning of April 2013.

    Cobalt Aquatics Oxypro Air Pump

    Oyxpro Air Pump

    The pump is innovative with its electronic adjustment, allowing precise control of airflow to run a variety of air driven devices. An LED inside the adjustment knob of the Cobalt Oxy-Pro brightens as you increase the amount of air output.

    The Oxy-Pro also comes with a lot of horse power.  The Oxy-Pro delivers 40gph of air down to 78″ of water depth, while using only 2 watts. These features make the Cobalt OxyPro an ideal candidate for taller air driven skimmers. Cobalt’s new Oxy-Pro air pump is nice and quiet as well with a double chambered body design which really helps to eliminate noise.


    Cobalt Aquatics EXT Inline Pump

    Cobalt Aquatics EXT Inline Pump

    The Cobalt EXT Inline water pump is an interesting device the likes of which doesn’t exist in the aquarium industry. Similar to the Reeflo Blowhole but designed for smaller aquariums, the Cobalt EXT Inline Pump is better suited for aquariums in the 40 gallon and less arena.  The EXT can be used to power canister style filters or reactors and is completely submersible unlike the Reeflo Blowhole.

    The Cobalt Aquatics EXT inline pump can be installed to push or pull water from a source and it will deliver up to 210 GPH of flow. The Cobalt EXT pump has 5/8″ hose barbs with locking rings and suction cups for attataching to a glass or acrylic surface when necessary. The Cobalt EXT inline pump will offers a three year manufacturers warranty and the streer price is expected to come in at a reasonable $38.27.


    Cobalt Aquatics MicroUV

    Cobalt Aquatics MicroUV

    The MicroUV from Cobalt Aquatics is a small inline ultraviolet sterilizer can be easily installed inline with your existing aquarium plumbing or incorporated into a new tank setup or hospital/quarantine tank. The Cobalt MicroUV is just big enough to be serviceable with a cord, screw-lock mechanism to hold the three watt halogen UV bulb and inlet and outlets fitted with 5/8th inch barbs and locking rings.  The MicroUV’s higher power of UV and inline placement ought to be a good choice for keeping things cleaner in small aquariums, hospital or quarantine setups. We should start seeing Cobalt Aquatics MicroUV inline sterilizer this summer at an estimated price of $80.


    Expected ship dates for the full line of new Cobalt Aquatics products.  Dates are subject to change so consider these target dates.


    Shipping week of April 1st
             Discus “Hans” Flake
             Mysis Flake
             Mysis Spirulina Flake
    Shipping week of April 8th 
             Neo-Therm 150 watt Heater
             Neo-Therm 200 watt Heater
             Neo-Stat 300 watt Temperature Controller 
             MJ1200 Power Heads (Backorders) 
             Neo-Therm Heater working “POP” 
    Shipping week of April 29th 
             Discus “Hans” Pellet
             Mysis Pellet
             Mysis Spirulina Pellet
             Marine Vegi Flake and Pellet Food
             Marine Omni Flake and Pellet Food
    Shipping week of June 1st 
             E-X-T Canister Filter (and media)
             E-X-T inline Pump
             Oxy-Pro Air Pump
             Neo-Flow DC Circulating Pump
             Duo-Filter LED-UV (and media)
             Micro-UV 3w