• New BioTek Media Reactors Coming Soon

    We are pleased to announce that BioTek Marine has more new products in production! Aquarium Specialty displayed the two new Bio Series and Tek Series reactors at Reefapalooza in Orlando this past weekend alongside the innovative & elegant new sumps BioTek announced last week on Reef Builders.

    BioTek Marine Tek-Series Pellet Reactor

    The two series, Tek Series and Bio Series, are similar in design but the Tek Series Reactors (blue and grey acrylic) feature a high-quality build with cast acrylic tubing while the red and black Bio Series tubing is made from extruded acrylic.  However, at first glance, you may think the extruded tubing is cast acrylic because BioTek Marine is using a much higher grade of extruded material offered by many other manufacturers.  The Tek line uses translucent blue acrylic tubing while the Bio line will have clear acrylic tubing.  BioTek Marine is also considering having a darker cast smoked acrylic version at the same cost as the Tek series media reactors and BioPellet reactors for those that prefer a tinted cast acrylic tube.

    Both the Bio-Series & Tek-Series reactors will be available in 4″ & 6″ diameter sizes and custom size reactors will be available upon request.

    The Biopellet version baseplate features laser-cut holes in the bottom of the reactor along the edge of the tube so that the media stays above the acrylic baseplate.  This perforated baseplate prevents media from entering the bottom of the reactor where the water is injected while providing an effective yet gentle tumbling action.  This tumbling action is ideal for fluidizing media such as All-In-One Biopellets or other biopellet media.

    Please note that the final production models will feature elbow hose barb fitting (straight fittings shown in the photos).  The lids include laser ingraved in and out port identifiers and the BioTek Marine logo is proudly displayed on each lid.  BioTek Marine also laser cuts the media screens.  This innovative design lets water pass through and keeps media in the reactor with minimal periodic cleanings required.  Aquarium Specialty expects to begin shipping BioTek Sumps and Reactors within the next few weeks.  Stay tuned for more information about pricing and availibility.

    Tek-Series Pellet Reactor

    BioTek Marine Bio-Series Pellet Reactor

    Bio-Series Pellet Reactor