• Meet the New Aqua Illumination Director Ultimate Control Platform

    By now you may have heard about the new Aqua Illumination Director LED lighting controller.  The AI Director is currently being Beta tested by several users and it appears to be in the final phases of testing.  Aquarium Specialty has placed it’s inital stock order for the AI Director and they expect to begin taking pre-orders in the next week or so.  If you wish to get on the pre-order list then please email or call Aquarium Specialty to get in line for the 1st shipment.  Here’s more about the Aqua Illumination Director and why we are excited to see this product hitting the market.

    Are you heading to MACNA next week?  If so then be sure to stop by the Aqua Illumination booth and check out the Director.  After you see it in action then head over to the Aquarium Specialty booth to pre-order one at the $99.00 introductory price.  No worries if you can’t make it to the show.  You can still place pre-orders though the Aquarium Specialty website or hop on the Pay the Day it Ships list by calling Aquarium Specialty.


    Unmatched feature set:

    • The new standard in control platforms
    • Control any AI wirelessly enabled device
    • The AI Director can be connected via 802.11 Wifi (with included dongle) or Ethernet
    • You may also access the AI Director via your local network
    • Manage 10 tanks with up to 30 lights with one Director
    • LED control features…
      • Weather
        • Realistic cloud sweeps
        • Lightning Storms
        • Provided an Internet connection, the Director can pull live weather from user configured locations on Earth
    • Lunar Cycle
    • Coral Acclimation
    • Test Run
      • Plays your entire day’s timer configuration in fast forward.
    • Dynamically recognize changes in LED configurations using PowerPuck™ technology.
    • Up to 100 control points per LED color per group for a given day.

    myAI is Aqua Illumination’s cloud-based service that connects you to all your AI devices. Logging in to myAI connects you to your Director and gives you the power to control your lights from anywhere in the world!

    • Log into MyAI and remotely control your AI wireless enabled devices via the Director
    • Compatible with Mac and PC. Android, iPhone, and iPad Apps available