• All-In-One Biopellets are a Game Changer

    All-In-One Biopellets

    The new All-In-One Biopellets from Reef Interests just might be a game-changer in the aquarium market.  Made from the purest materials,  All-In-One Biopellets can remove five times more nitrate and ten to twenty times more phosphate than all other biopellets currently on the market.  With those credentials, this product will potentially change the way aquarists universally deal with nitrate and phosphate export in marine aquariums.

    This past Friday, I had the pleasure of speaking directly with Dennis van Houten in The Netherlands regarding this new product.  During the hour-long phone conference, Dennis shared some personal experiences with me and explained in a nut shell how and why this patent-pending product works so successfully.  I learned that the product went through a four year period of research and development combined with about a year and a half of product testing before being released to the market. Dennis related to me that he has a 700 liter (185 gallon) home aquarium with a very heavy bio-load (about 50 fish). As you might imagine, phosphate and nitrate could easily have been off the charts without frequent and large water changes or other expensive methods of controlling Po4 and No3 levels.  Dennis also shared with me that he has been using the new pellets for about 10 months now and has continually experienced zero detectable nitrate and phosphate levels.  Previous nuisance algae issues have ceased and the aquarium water is crystal clear as a result of using the new All-In-One pellets.

    What makes the All-in-One BioPellets different from the standard pellets? In a nutshell, they have combined the NP Reducing BioPellets with the active ingredient of phosphate remover. Since any organism needs phosphates as a building block to allow growth, including bacteria, this combination produces a winning result.  As with the standard NP Reducing BioPellets and the NP Reducing BioPellets XL, the bacteria consumes the pellets for the carbon in order to multiply. At the same time, the bacteria consume the nitrates and some phosphates from your water column resulting in lower nitrate levels in your water.

    It was being reported by some aquarists that the NP Reducing Biopellets did not function properly in their tanks. This was found to be mainly due to heavy phosphate removal from the water. As previously stated, any organism, including bacteria, needs phosphates to allow for growth and reproduction. The new All-in-One BioPellets have the phosphate remover built in allowing the bacteria to utilize it for growth and reproduction at the same place as their carbon source. This combination improves nitrate removal by about 5x. As the bacteria consume the pellets, a new layer of  “fresh” phosphate remover will be exposed for phosphate removal. This makes the All-in-One BioPellets a one-of-a-kind phosphate and nitrate removal system. With the combination of phosphate removal by the bacteria coupled with the All-in-One BioPellets, they have achieved an increase of phosphate removal from the water column by 10-20x compared to the standard NP Reducing BioPellets and NP Reducing BioPellet XL.


    All-In-One Biopellets



    How to Use:

    We recommend soaking for a period of 24 hours in marine aquarium water before use in your aquarium reactor.  This will insure more uniform tumbling once added to the reactor.  All-In-One BioPellets are heavier than NP BioPellets and thus require a higher flow rate to tumble the media.  For example, a 700 liter tank (185 gallons) with a fluidized filter containing 2 liter of All-In-One Biopellets will require a minimal flow through of 2000-3000 l/h (528-792 GPH) to properly tumble the media.  If nitrates and/or phosphates are high, then we recommend using about 1/3 of the final media requirement upon initial setup.  As the PO4 and NO3 levels begin to drop slowly, it will become safe to add more media over the course of 4-6 weeks until PO4 and NO3 levels are nearly undetectable or undetectable with the use of a standard test kit or Hanna Checker. To order online and read more about All-In-One Biopellets please click here.  The 1st shipment arrival will be landing early next week.  If you are a retailer looking to purchase All-In-One Biopellets then please contact Aqua Specialty.