• The New Ecotech Marine QuietDrive Pumps, Better in Every Way

    Ecotech Marine QuietDrive

    Ecotech Marine has reinvented it’s MP Series wavemaker pumps with it’s new QueitDrive models.  As of last week we thought they were only going to offer this for the MP40 but as we discovered, Ecotech is coming out with three new models.  These models will all be called the QuietDrive series pumps and each model with have the QD designation and each model has been completely redesigned from the ground up.  Ecotech Marine is promissing more flow and 90% noise reduction!

    At the heart of the pump you will find a completely new way to spin the magnet.  Instead of using a motor with a magnet attached to it, Ecotech Marine is now using a brushless DC design that simply ocelates the polarity to spin the magnet.  What does this mean?  It means no moving parts on the dry side of the pump which equates to a lot less noise.  According to Ecotech, you might not even be able to hear the new QD series pumps even in pulse mode or at full speed.

    Ecotech Marine QuietDrive

    Also, Ecotech Marine has announced that the controller will be completey redisigned.  The clam shell is the same but the electronics are newly designed.  Aditionally the wet side is getting a face lift that helps with the increase in effeciency that will help move 40% more water for a total of 4,500 GPH running at full speed.

    A lot of questions still remain but we are super excited about the new technology Ecotech Marines is introducing with it’s MP40QD, MP10QD and MP60QD.  Check back with us again soon.  As we learn more from from our friends at Ecotech we will be posting updates as they relate to the QuietDrive series Ecotech pumps.  For more information about this including the pricing and pre-ordering information please visit this link or go to our home page to reserve yours today.

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