• Apogee Releases New Marine Safe PAR Sensor Wand

    Apogee PAR Meter Wand

    Apogee has released a slick new fiberglass sensor wand for the aquarium market.  The wand is a 3 piece design that can be used for different sized aquariums.  It’s reef safe and made from fiberglass.  The overall length is 41″ (104cm) so it will be able to reach the bottom of most reef aquariums with ease.  By simply detaching the sensor mount you can shorten the wand length to better suit your specific aquarium depth.  In other words, you can one, two or all three sections to suit your needs.

    Aquarium Specialty is a master distributor for the Apogee Instruments MQ-200 PAR meters and we expect to have the new 3 piece sensor wands in stock very soon.  Pre-orders and more information are available now by clicking this link.

    Apogee PAR Meter Wand in Use