• Vertex Vectra Self Cleaning Heads = Value for Less

    When it comes to aquarium maintenance, let’s face it, no one enjoys cleaning their skimmer. It’s time consuming, messy and well, not the most pleasant thing you can do for your olfactory system. One way to help ease this activity and improve skimmer performance is to go with a self cleaning head for your skimmer, however some aquarist shy away from this solution due to cost.

    Vertex Vectra SCH

    While many of the SCHs out there command a large upfront cost, this is not true of the Vertex Vectra Self Cleaning Head Engine with Lid option (SCH). The Vectra SCH system offers top shelf quality at a price point that won’t break the bank. For less than $220.00, you can increase your skimmer performance by 70% or more, not to mention cut down on your skimmer cleanup time and the mess it can make in your sink and everywhere else the splatter goes.

    As with all of the Vertex product line, every detail has been well thought out. In addition to the Vectra being a very attractive looking SCH, Vertex took it a step further and also packaged it beautifully. In fact, the packaging is reminiscent of the clean white boxes used for Apple products.

    The components for the Vertex Vectra SCH are sold separately. Each Vectra engine will need to be paired with the proper sized Vectra lid for proper fit on your specific protein skimmer.  For example, the Bubble King Mini 200 and Vertex Alpha Cone 200 would require the Vectra 200 mm lid coupled with the Vectra Engine.

    Vertex Vectra Engine

    Some other examples of pairings are listed below. Please note these are just examples and these lids will fit several brands and models of protein skimmers currently on the market.  In the near future Aquarium Specialty will have a more comprehensive SCH to Skimmer compatibility guide.

    Lid Size Examples:

    • 150 mm – Vertex Omega 150
    • 180 mm – Bubble King Mini 180
    • 200 mm – Vertex Alpha 200, Bubble King Mini 200
    • 250 mm – Vertex Alpha 250, Bubble King Deluxe 250 & Supermarin 250
    • 300 mm – Vertex Alpha 300, Bubble King Deluxe 300 & Supermarin 300


    Pros:  So why should you consider a SCH for your marine aquarium?

    • Reduces frequency and time spent cleaning aquarium glass
    • Increases skimmate production by 70% and some have reported by as much as 100%
    • Helps reduce PO4 levels by improving skimmer efficiency and reducing water contact with the sludge that builds up in the skimmer neck
    • Easier and less messy skimmer cleaning
    • Reduces water pollutants and helps improve overall aquarium water clarity



    • Cost – adds cost but increases performance by 70% or more – so is that really a negative?
    • Added overall skimmer height – 3″ of clearance required


    In summary if you have a reef aquarium system with a protein skimmer, it’s a great idea to consider using a self cleaning head. We feel that the Vectra price/value proposition is winning choice among the SCH brands currently on the market today. Let’s face it, there are more enjoyable things to do then cleaning the muck and poop out of your skimmer neck.  Happy reefing!



    Cast Acrylic

    Titanium Screws

    Warranty: 1 year

    Recommended Operation time: 1-3 starts per day at 1 minute intervals.

    For a video of the Vertex Vectra Self Cleaning head in operation please click the link.