• The Vertex Omega 150 gives you 3-4 times more bang for the buck

    The new Vertex Omega 150 protein skimmer is a feature rich protein skimmer with a build quality you would expect from the Vertex product line.  You will notice right away that the Omega 150 has the design characteristics and build quality of the Bubble King skimmer line at a fraction of the price.  In fact, if we hadn’t known it was a Vertex skimmer, we would have thought it was a new Royal Exclusiv Bubble King model but with a modified Sicce pump instead of  the typical modified Askoll pump found on most Royal Exclusiv skimmers.

    The Vertex Omega 150 is designed to work with aquariums up to 150 gallons and as small as 40 gallons.  The modified Sicce impeller pump includes a highly efficient design that draws an impressive 850 LPH of air at 19 watts of power or almost 4 times less energy draw than a typical 75 watt incandescent bulb.  The overall footprint is a reasonable 11″ x 11″ and it will fit in most standard sized aquarium sumps such as the Trigger Systems, NextReef or My Reef Creations lines of sumps. Like the Bubble King Red Dragon pump, the Omega powered Sicce pinwheel pump is nearly silent. An added bonus is that the replacement pumps and/or impellers are much more affordable in the event that something goes awry.


    Vertex Omega 150

    Like many of the higher end protein skimmers on the market today, the Omega 150 includes a bubble plate and an easily adjustable stand pipe water height adjustment that will help you dial in your choice of dry or wet skimming.  The volute nozzle also has an adjustable nozzle intake typically found on skimmers at a much higher price point.  The construction is entirely ozone safe and there is built in ozone port and ozone line for optional ozone injection.
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    The Vertex Omega 150 protein skimmer is engineering and design at its finest. Craftsmanship, quality of construction, and overall performance has never before been seen in the industry at this price point.  The Vertex Omega 150, with its 6″ wine glass body shape, will handle a heavily stocked reef aquarium up to 150 gallons total, but would not be oversized for systems as small as 40g.
    ·         Wine glass body
    ·         Cast acrylic & PVC construction
    ·         Hot welded seams
    ·         Custom Sicce Pump & pinwheel Impeller
    ·         Fine tuning adjustable venturi
    ·         Ozone injection port
    ·         Ultra quiet operation
    ·         Low power consumption
    ·         High bio-load capacity
    ·         Titanium screws make disassembling for maintenance painless
    ·         2 year manufacturers warranty
    • Power Consumption: 19w
    • Air Draw: 850 lph
    • Footprint: 11″ x 11″ (could go slightly smaller if needed)
    • Height: 21.75″

    Call it a teaser, but we expect to eventually see more Omega models hit the marine aquarium scene in the somewhat not to distant future, but nothing has been officially announced yet.