• The Vertex Booth at Interzoo Teases and Amazes

    We wish we could have attended the 2014 InterZoo booth this year but we will continue to cover some of the highlights and innovations from vendors displaying at the biyearly event.

    We have received some impressive display images from this years Vertex Aquaristik booth and we thought you might enjoy seeing them.  News from the show brings us a look at the Cerebra that’s been in developement for 4 years.  Displayed in the booth are 4 fully function Cerebra aquarium controllers.  Judging from this we expect to see them hit the market very soon but still no word on a release date but perhaps we will know a little more in the very near future.

    Also on display are the new Vertex Omega 180 and Omega 200 protein skimmers along with a new calcium reactor.  Aditionally they have a new DC pump they are working on and it will be called the Stratus and they are calling it a game changer.  Pictured last is the Stratus touch screen controller that will be used with the pump.  Sorry no release dates on these yet either but we are hoping we can find out a little more from Vertex Aquaristik sometime next week.  It looks like it might be an exciting 3rd and 4th quarter for Vertex Aquaristik if some of these new products come to market in the US this year.

    Vertex Booth at Interzoo

    Pictured Above: 4 x fully functioning Vertex Cerebra Controllers

    Vertex Booth

    Vertex Stratus DC Pump Controller

    Pictured Above: Vertex Stratus DC Pump Touch Screen Controller