• Sunbrite F Series V2 LED Fixtures

    The Sunbrite F series V2 LED fixture is a very attractive and well throughout full length LED fixture that features a variety of LED colors with wifi capability out of the box.
    Sunbrite F Series V2

    This article will discuss the specifications and features for this fixture and why it might be the right fixture for your reef aquarium.

    First, let’s discuss aesthetics.  The body of the Sunbrite F series V2 is a simply elegant, feature rich design. The fixture doesn’t attract attention away from the aquarium nor does it “junk up” the top of your aquarium with crazy mounting hardware or railings.  Some LED mounting systems can look a little out of place over an aquarium, especially if you are looking to have a free standing, open top setup (aquarium without a traditional canopy that encloses the lighting).  If a canopy is what you have then this is not an issue the the look is clean either way.  If a free standing, open top setup is what you are shooting for, then the Sunbrite F Series V2 should be on your list of LED fixtures to consider.  At this time, the fixture is only available in a black finish. For mounting, there are two ways to mount the fixture: removable mounting legs and an adjustable hanging kit for suspension from overhead.  The mounting legs are included with each fixture and the hanging kit is sold separately.


    Sunbrite WiFi

    Next, lets talk about WiFi.  The built in WiFi connectivity is located in the Sunbrite F series V2 power supply driver box.  To connect the fixture to WiFi, you will need to simply screw the supplied antenna onto the outside of the driver box.  Once this 30 second step has been completed then you are ready to stream wirelessly from your Apple or Android device.  To control the fixture from your device, you will need to download the iOS or Android app feature.  Once the software has been loaded to your device the fixture is ready to program.  The fixture is designed to work with your smartphone and or tablet so keep that in mind. If you will be programing the fixture from the fixture itself, it will have limited capabilities.  There are some very basic configuration settings without WiFi but it’s just some basic set-points and not the full blow V2 gooey when used with an Apple or Android based smartphone or tablet.  The response time is instantaneous when accessing and changing the individual LED color options from your hand held device and the best part is that the software is extremely easy to use and the learning curve should be pretty much nonexistent.



    Finally lets look at how to properly size the fixture over your aquarium.  This part is pretty simple.  Some full length fixtures like the Vertex Illumina can actually be sized 1 foot shorter than the actual aquarium length but this is not recommended with the Sunbrite F series V2 fixture.  It’s not because the spread of the light is that much better on the Vertex Illumina, it has to more to do with how the LEDs are positioned along the length of the fixture.  Unlike the Vertex Illumina fixtures,  it is recommended that you use a full length Sunbrite F series V2 over your aquarium.  For example, if you have a 48″ long aquarium then you will need a 48″ long Sunbrite fixture.  The reason for this is that there is a 6″ space from the edge of each end of the fixture where there are no LED lights while the gap is only 3″ from each end on a the Vertex Illumina fixtures.  This means that on a 48″ long aquarium you will need a 48″ Sunbrite F series V2 while you would only need a 36″ Vertex Illumina to light the same aquarium.

    F V2
    Sunbrite F Series V2 Features and Specifications:
    • – Control with iOS and Android Apps
    • – Dimmable with Lighting Effects (cloud simulation, lightning)
    • – Cree XP-G & XP-E LEDs with Red, 440nm Actinic, 470nm Actinic, Green, White, and UV
    • – External Ballast with fan
    • – Body heat Sink
    • – CE and RoSH certified
    • – Up to 350 Par with 36″ fixture on the bottom of a 65Gal (36″x18x24″) tank
    • – 48″ fixture can cover up to 48″ L x 24″ W x 30″ H tank
    • – Available in 24″, 36″ 48″ 60″ and 72″ Lengths
    • 1 year Manufacturers Warranty