• Royal Exclusiv Moves Closer to Opening US Facility

    Royal Exclusiv Germany

    Royal Exclusiv (Germany)

    The Royal Exclusiv ® company is headquartered in the north of Cologne and specializes in the production of pumps, protein skimmers and high-quality sumps and other aquarium related products.  The company began producing aquarium products in 1986 by owner and master craftsman, Klaus Jansen.  Klaus’s 28+ years of professional experience in wood, metal and plastics processing and manufacturing has led Royal Exclusiv to be the world leader in innovating better and better protein skimmer designs and more recently, state of the art aquarium sumps and water pumps.

    Royal Exclusiv’s primary focus is producing and optimizing top tier best in class pumps, protein skimmers and other aquarium products.

    Back in September the Royal Exclusiv team invited me to lunch while we were at MACNA 2013 and this is when I learned that they were making plans to open up Royal Exclusiv USA in Ft. Myers Florida sometime after the 1st of the year.  The 4000 sq. ft. facility in Ft. Myers is already in place and they are currently getting all the logistics in place to open May 1st of 2014 and they expect to be fully operational by the end of 2014.


    Royal Exclusiv USA

    Aquarium Specialty has been carrying Royal Exclusiv Bubble King skimmers and Red Dragon pumps longer than any other dealer in the US and we have always supported the line to the best of our ability but not without it’s inherent challenges.  The challenge has always been getting is skimmers, pumps and parts quickly enough to satisfy the high end aquarists and the challenge of keeping such high end and expensive high end and pump models in stock on any given occasion.  Imagine trying to keep 1-2 Bubble King Deluxe 500 internal and external skimmers in stock that retail for over $5000.00 a piece.  In the US it’s more rare than a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport and we may only sell 1  Bubble King 500 per year at best.  Granted there are much less expensive models but even that presents it’s own challenges when there are so many available models to choose from. Another challenge has been the currency exchange rate and air freight shipping costs.  Still with these issues Bubble King skimmers and Red Dragon pumps have remained relatively popular with elite US aquarists over the years.

    Royal Exclusiv USA equals problem solved for the North American market as far as we can see.  The new Florida based warehouse means much shorter delivery times and lower prices across the board.  Delivery time from Florida to Aquarium Specialty in South Carolina is only two days instead of 4-6 weeks from Germany.  Shipments will arrive to Royal Exclusiv USA by ocean freight instead of air freight further decreasing the transportation costs.  Additionally, sales, service and support should be dramatically improved. Also, no more time zone issues for us between Germany and the US since we will be communicating primarily with the Florida location.

    As a long time supporter of Royal Exclusiv Bubble King skimmers and Red Dragon pumps we are very excited to see Royal Exclusiv making an investment in the US market and we will further be pleased to have local access to other Royal Exclusiv products like Dreambox sumps and Dreambox Reactors to name a couple.