• Reef Octopus Launches DC Controlled Regal Skimmers

    Reef Octopus Regal Skimmers

    Coral Vue’s Reef Octopus line of protein skimmers is launching a new series of DC controllable skimmers but this time they are being featured with their own in-house brand of DC controllable pumps.  This should be good news for Reef octopus because the Diablo pumps had to many reliability issues as did the Speedwave and Waveline Gen1 pumps that were produced in the same factory.  The new series of skimmers will be called Regal Reef Skimmers and I’m betting Chris at Coral Vue remembered a company I started up a long time ago called Regal Reef to come up with the idea.  Just kidding Chris but maybe you loved the name so much you pulled this out of your subconscious.

    The Regal Internal sump housed Skimmers feature an internal pump design like their SSS models (Super Space Saver) to save room for sump reactors and other aquarium devices that take up space in aquarium sumps.  Like other DC controlled skimmers currently on the market (RLSS and Bubble King), the DC pump controller allows for fine tuning of the pump’s speed and energy consumption, which affects air and water draw (air-to-water ratio) and cost of operation.  Pricing, Specs and pictures have been released to Aquarium Specialty and the pricing can be located here for the Regal internal models and here for the Regal external models.

    Made from cast acrylic with red accents, the Regal Skimmers will look nice alongside some of the competing brands like Vertex or Royal Exclusiv if you are one to mix and match different brands of products for your aquarium setup.

    Aquarium Specialty will be taking pre-orders for these skimmers through the website or you can call in your order and billing will occur at the time that the order is ready to ship.

    For a list of the complete line of Reef Octopus Skimmers visit Aquarium Specialty here.