• MaxSpect Razor Nano R420R Coming Soon

    Razor Nano On

    Maxspect has leaked the new images of the forthcoming MaxSpect Razor Nano R420R LED fixture.

    Nano Razor

    The Maxspect Razor Nano R420R LED is coming in with a single LED cluster found on the original razors.  We expect the same color options as the 120 watt and 160 watt versions but no word on that just yet.  The Razor Nano LED will have the identical built in controller that mama and pappa bear razor fixtures have.

    The overall dimentions of the actual fixture are 10.5″ x 8.5″. and the fixture comes in at 60 watts.  The Nano Razor light spread hasn’t been published yet but based on the data we have for the 160 and 120 watt Razor and it looks as though this fixture will cover a nano cube perfectly or 2 side by side units over a longer aquarium.

    The Maxspect Razor Nano R420R doesn’t require active cooling and it will rely on is passive cooling from the built in “wing heat sink” design shared by the 120 and 160 watt fixtures.  Maxspect has decided they are not going to distinguish the fixtures as 10K, or 16K on the Nano Razor since the name is really a misnomer to begin with.  There will be one model and the adjustability of the light channels will allow you to program the Kelvin temperatures between 6000 K and 16,000 K throughtout the days photo period.

    The Maxspect Razor Nano comes with a built-in adjustable tank mount arm that clamps directly to the aquarium glass.  The tank adjustable mount is included with the razor but the retractable mounting arm is removable in the event that you would rather hang the fixture over the aquarium instead of using the rimless tank mount.

    Aquarium Specialty is taking $25.00 deposits if you wish to pre-order this fixture for your aquarium.  Final pricing on the fixture hasn’t been determined by the manufacturer yet but expect MAP pricing from the manufacturer on the Razor Nano.


    • Wattage 60 Watts
    • Dimensions 10.5″ x 8.6″
    • Adjustability: 6000K – 16000K
    • Control: Built in Control (same as the R420)
    • Suitability: Fresh and Marine/Reef 
    • Dimentions: 10.5″ x 8.6″

    Nano Razor Front

    Nano Razor Back

    Nano Razor tank mount

    Nano Razor R420R Color