• The Aqua Illumination Hydra Fifty Two Upgrade is Now Available

    Is it time for an Upgrade?

    Aqua Illumination now offers a Hydra FiftyTwo upgrade for their Sol and Vega legacy fixtures.  As one of the most powerful LED lights available today, the Hydra FiftyTwo delivers 135 watts of high-end LED lighting from 7 different LED colored diodes.  The Hydra FiftyTwo LED fixtures currently retail for $599, however current owners of the AI Sol or AI Vega LED fixtures may upgrade to AI’s best fixture for half the price.

    The Aqua Illumination Hydra FiftyTwo upgrade kit is priced at $299 per fixture provided that you have the heat sink and fan from your previous fixture.  The upgrade is easily and quickly accomplished with a screw driver or allen wrench.  Once installed, the next step is to have your wireless controller or director recognize your new fixture.

    It is fortuitous for Aqua Illumination purchaser’s that this company has designed an upgradeable fixture to keep up with the ever changing LED technology.  For information or to order this upgrade, you will need to contact Aqua Illumination directly. As of this date, Aqua Illumination is not offering the upgrade kits to its distributor to provide to their previous Sol and Vega customers.  To order new Aqua Illumination products like the Hydra and Hydra FiftyTwo click here.

    • Jerome Stringfield

      I am looking for this kit sol upgrade to hydra 52