• Getting up close with the new Hydor Professional Series Canister Filters

    Hydor Pro Canister Filters

    The Hydor Professional External Filters are a new line of canister filters arriving from Hydor.  The Hydor canister filters feature a rectangular footprint and tight fitting filter baskets that force water through the media and not around it.  Hydor Professional External Canister Filters feature an improved efficient internal motor and added soundproofing features to make the canisters super quiet.

    Pro Canister

    One of the most attractive aspects of the Hydor Professional Canister besides the design, features and thought that went into building the pro series is the price.  Typically higher end canister filters cost much more and many of them don’t offer any media to get started.  That is not the case with the Hydor Pro Canisters.  The canisters come with ceramic rings and filter pads but you will need to add your own carbon. The Hydor Pro Series come in 5 sizes.  Below are the specifications for each model.

    Hydor Pro Canister Chart

    Parts and replacement media pricing will be listed soon and we are waiting on that to come in from Hydor.