• Ecotech Marine and Aqua Illumination are Merging

    Ecotech + AI

    Ecotech Marine and Aqua Illumination are merging the two companies together to form one dominate force in the aquarium industry.  Both Aqua Illumination and Ecotech Marine are considered by many to be the best LED lighting companies available in the aquarium industry.  What does this merger mean to you?  Well here is what we know so.

    The partnership between Ecotech Marine and AquaIllumination will provide endless opportunities for development and innovation beyond what each company already provides as individual companies.  Each brand will remain a separate entity and continue to manufacture distinct product lines, but the shared ownership will allow each of us to improve and grow.


    Is either brand being dissolved?
    No, both brands will remain independent. This exciting merger is designed to capitalize on the operational and infrastructure advantages that result from the merger of two US based manufacturers. Product lines and branding will remain separate and occur at the separate Iowa and Pennsylvania facilities.

    Will EcoTech products be sold under the AI brand or vice versa?
    No, the brands and products will remain independent.

    Will I still be able to buy EcoTech  and AI products from my favorite store?
    Yes, there will be no changes to retail availability. AI products will remain distributed by AI and EcoTech products will be distributed by EcoTech.

    Will there be any changes to EcoTech or AI prices?
    No. Prices will not be impacted.

    Who do I contact for customer support?
    EcoTech and AI customer support channels will remain exactly as they are currently. There will be no change to the support numbers, emails, or location.

    Are there any changes to my warranty?
    Warranty support, warranty conditions and product support will remain unchanged.

    Are any products being discontinued?
    No products are being discontinued.

    Will EcoTech and AI products and technology be compatible in the future?
    Currently there are no plans to make the two brands compatible.

    For pricing and detailed information on Ecotech Marine and Aqua Illumination products please visit Aquarium Specialty.

    About Ecotech Marine:

    Now in our second decade, EcoTech Marine continues to revolutionize the way people think about aquarium technology. Each of our products is meticulously engineered to improve the health of your ecosystem—and to enhance the natural beauty of your aquascape.

    EcoTech Marine has set all new industry standards for aquarium equipment. Our technologically superior products produce unmatched performance—and our commitment to elegant design minimizes the equipment’s visual intrusion into your aquarium.

    We work tirelessly to improve upon “state-of-the-art,” enabling our customers to create the healthiest, safest and smartest aquarium possible. That’s why our products offer a wide variety of easy-to-program modes and have been thoroughly tested and endorsed by marine-biologists—making them the most versatile and proven products on the market.

    About Aqua Illumination:

    Founded in 2007, C2 Development, Inc. is the leader in high performance, high efficiency reef aquarium lighting systems. We are constantly pushing the limits of illumination technology.

    We assemble all PCB’s in house with our high throughput SMT line, giving us the ability to oversee our quality control to the highest degree while keeping prices down.

    Since the beginning we have engineered, designed, and assembled all our modules in Ames, Iowa. Focusing on engineering and design with our in house team we produce top products at great prices.