• Comparing the Different Coral Frenzy Reef Foods

    Coral Frenzy has released two brand new products over the last few months allowing the aquarist to target even species of corals in the reef aquarium.  The original Coral Frenzy is a powder-like food with tiny particles great for targeting filter feeders and planktivorous fish and it has been well received in the marketplace for many years.  Then came the new 1mm Reef Pellets that was quickly followed up by a smaller 0.5mm version designed for invertebrates with smaller mouths.  You can find pricing here at Aquarium Specialty.

    We’ve used and distributed the original Coral Frenzy for the last few years with much success and more recently we have been using the 1mm pellet food along with the original.  The 1mm pellets are great for target feeding almost every LPS coral in our tanks and we have been using it 1-2 times per week with good results.  The .5mm version is so new that we haven’t laid our eyes on it yet but here’s what Brandon at Aqua Nerd had to say about it along with the other Coral Frenzy products.

    Coral Frenzy

    (The information below: courtesy of Aqua Nerd)

    The powder version of the Coral Frenzy is the most different from the bunch. It is very fine, with a rich smell that is present in most dry foods (only true fish nerds can appreciate the smell of fish food). The two pellets, on the other hand, are quite similar, differing obviously in the size of each pellet. We didn’t break out the ruler to verify the 0.5mm and 1mm lengths, but the larger pellet is significantly larger…though 1mm is still quite small.

    Coral Frenzy Coral Frenzy .5mm Coral Frenzy 1mm
    Coral Frenzy Powder Coral Frenzy .5mm Pellet Coral Frenzy 1mm Pellet

    The other thing we wanted to hint at was the fact that the food comes with a manufactured date and a “best if used by” date. Most other foods on the market have an expiration date, but few if any have a manufactured date. This obviously ensures some freshness, and as Ken explained to us, it keeps products from sitting on the store shelves far past their prime.

    All in all, we’re very pleased with what we’ve seen with the food and can’t wait to start shooing some serious time lapse videos of it being gobbled up.