• Aqua Illumination Wireless Adapters Coming to Aquarium Specialty

    AI Wireless Adapter

    The long awaited and much anticipated Aqua Illumination wireless adapters are coming to Aquarium Specialty next week and Aquarium Specialty should be one of the 1st companies in the US to get it’s hands on the new adapters.  We will have 50 units (25 black and 25 white) arriving next week and orders will begin shipping the day they arrive.  Pre-Order yours now if you would like to get be get one from the first shipment.  We understand that we are getting the lions share of these since we preordered them early on.

    About the Aqua Illumination Wireless Adapter:


    • AI Sol
    • AI Sol Nano


    Eliminate the mini-dim cable from the controller to the fixture.  Improved controllability and functionality between the wireless controller and wireless adapter.  If you have multiple fixtures then you may want to consider using one wireless adapter for each module.  By doing so you will also eliminate the need to daisy chain the modules together and you will have the added benefit of controlling each fixture independently from one another.

    Other Benefits:

    • Left to right or right to left sunset (multiple fixtures)
    • Cloud and storm effects left to right or right to left (multiple fixtures)

    AI Wireless Adapter and Controller

    Note: You will need the above independently Illumination wireless controller for the wireless adapter to work.  The old (push button) AI controller is not compatible with the wireless adapter.