• Vertex Hexaplex Magnet Cleaner for Larger Aquariums

    New Vertex Hexaplex Magnet Cleaner

    Vertex Hexaplex

    The new Vertex Hexaplex is a slick new glass cleaner from the makers of the smaller Vertex Simplex, Duplex and Triplex glass cleaners.  All of the Vertex glass cleaner magnets are made from the highest quality neodymium rare earth magnets.  The Hexaplex is completely encapsulated in clear acrylic just like is smaller cousins.  The Hexaplex is rated for glass up to 15mm thick (5/8″) glass thickness so it can be used on the majority of the larger aquarium market.  

    The retail price on the Hexaplex is $59.98, which is very reasonable in our opinion and pre-orders are now being accepted for the Hexaplex.  We expect orders to begin shipping to customers by the week of July 22nd.  

    Details on the Vertex Hexaplex:

    The Hexaplex footprint is 3 15/16″ x 2 5/16″ and each half of the magnet is only 1/2″ thick so the chances of it disrupting your rock work and corals are minimized.  Click here for the link to Aquarium Specialty and here for Aqua Specialty Wholesale but you will need to be logged into Aqua Specialty to see pricing.

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