• Sneak Peek at the NEW Orphek DIF-100

    Orphek DIF100

    Yesterday Aquarium Specialty received the new Orphek DIF-100 100 Watt 16,0000 K LED Pendant and a new shipment of Orphek Atlantik LED Fixtures.  

    The DIF-100 is a sample LED that we will be taking to a Zoo for an evaluation.  The Zoo is looking at replacing the T5 lighting over their 50,000 gallon aquarium with LED pendents and we thought this would be the perfect choice for their particular application.  Below are some images with PAR readings from an Apogee PAR meter and some images of the new Orphek DIF-100 pendant.   Please note these are estimated distances from Lens to PAR sensor.  Also, keep in mind that the Orphek DIF-100 pendant comes with 4 different crystal/glass lens options from narrow to wide and in between.  The new pendents are lighter weight, more compact and feature a solid aluminum housing and heat sink along with an adjustable removable swivel arm.

    The new Orphek DIF-100 pendent also features a controller connection (Neptune Apex or other) for dimming capability just like the PR72 pendent.

    The PAR measurements below were done in our warehouse.

    Approx Distance from Lens to Apogee MQ200 Sensor: about 8 inches (pegged out at 3000+)

    DIF-100 @ 7

    Approx Distance from Lens to Apogee MQ200 Sensor: 15 inches


    DIF-100 @ 15

    Approx Distance from Lens to Apogee MQ200 Sensor: About 40 inches


    DIF100 @ 40