• Orphek DIF-100 vs. 8 x 54 Watt T5

    A few weeks ago we posted an article about the Orphek DIF-100 16,000 K 100 Watt LED Pendant along with some PAR readings from an Apogee PAR meter.  The photo and video below is a demo we did over a 55,000 gallon public aquarium display with an iphone 4 (sorry for the lower quality video quality but I think you will get the point).

    DIF-100 vs. T5


    Watch as the 5′ black tip reef shark passes from left to right and how the color changes as the shark passes from Orphek DIF-100 16,000 K LED light to the existing T5 lighting setup.  We will be doing another demo next week and I hope to have some better camera equipment when I visit them again.

    Click here to see the video:

    Orphek DIF-100 vs. 8 x 54 Watt T5