• Hydor & Aquarium Specialty Reach Distribution Agreement

    Aquarium Specialty is now distributing Hydor aquarium products throughout the United States to retail and brick and morter retail stores.  Here’s what Hydor USA had to say:

    Hydor USA

    Sacramento, CA (April 17, 2013) – Hydor USA the makers Koralia Circulation Pumps, SmartWave Pump Controllers, Theo submersible heaters and several additional innovative aquarium products today has announced they have extended their distribution network through an agreement with Aquarium Specialty, Inc. of Columbia, SC.

    “Aquarium Specialty’s location and web presence will provide us with additional market penetration for the specialty reef and aquatic specialist stores. Aquarium Specialty’s team has an exceptional reputation in the industry for brand building and service and we believe the Hydor brand will increase Hydor’s position in the aquarium supply marketplace and we are pleased to have Aquarium Specialty as a business partner”.

    About Hydor USA-

    Continuous innovation for 30 years means that Hydor is constantly researching and developing unique solutions for the aquatics market, even for the most demanding niche. We create and manufacture new exclusive lines such as the Koralia Circulation Pumps; Koralia SmartWave, three function wave timer; Professional Marine Equipment, Wavemaker products to mimic ocean currents in a marine aquarium; Performer, a complete range of protein skimmers and calcium reactors; Professional Canister filters for premium water filtration; H2shOw, the creative and artistic line of decorations specially designed to create wonderful effects with Bubble Makers and LED Spotlights. Hydor also manufacturer’s traditional product lines such as the PTC heaters (Theo, ETH & Slim) and all-purpose water pumps (Seltz & Pico). Hydor USA is a division of Hydor S.R.L. based Italy.

    For more information about Hydor products please vist www.aquariumspecialty.com or www.hydor.com.