• Eshopps Envvy iphone 5 Cell Phone Cases

    Be the Envvy of your aquarium friends with the new Eshopps Envvy iphone 5 cell phone cases.  Aquarium Specialty has both of the new Envvy Peppermint Angel Fish and Clownfish cell phone cases in stock and ready to ship.  To place an order with same day shipping prior to 3:30 PM EST please visit this link at Aquarium Specialty.  Wholesale customer can log into Aqua Specialty and find the cell phone cases in our ornamentals section under Care & Maintenance.


    Eshopps Envvy Cell Phone Cases

    About the Eshopps Envvy brand and Project

    The Envvy brand is all about finding products and converting it to the pet industry. The phone case is Eshopps first project under the new Envvy label and they expect to be launching other items in the near future.  We think it’s a great business plan and here’s what Louie from Eshopps had to say about it. 

    “Just think about it, how many Aquarists have smart phones?  The answer, almost everyone!  How many cell phone users have a cell phone case?  The answer, almost everyone.  The iphone 5 case is our first project.  It’s a little risky and out the norm for us but if it works, we might make a lot of hobbyists happy.”

    The MSRP is only at $19.99, very affordable considering some of the cases at other fine retailers charge charge $30.00-$40.00 for a basic case and all the way up to $65.00 or more for some of the more exotic cases.

    Case Features

    • iphone 5
    • Slick & nice design
    • Nice packaging
    • Comes in two styles: the peppermint angelfish and clown fish
    • lightweight and not overly bulky

    Eshopps Envvy cell phone case

    Aquarium Specialty wishes Eshopps great success with their new Envvy product line venture and we hope you will enjoy your new cell phone cases.  We expect them to make a great gift idea also!