• New Product Additions from Aquarium Specialty

    Aquarium Specialty announces new product offerings in it’s online catalog.  Recently,  Doctor Eco Systems, the makers of high quality fish, coral and invertebrate foods asked us to consider carrying their coral, inverebrate and fish foods.  After careful study, Aquarium Specialty is pleased to offer these new products.  The following is a review of one of these products known as Doc’s Eco Eggs.

    Dr Eco Systems Super Eggs


    Doc’s Eco Eggs are super high in protein-brined fish roe which contains a high fat content including omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for your fish and corals.  Made from a high quality brined-fish roe which has been shown to send corals and fish into a feeding frenzy.  A benefit of this product  is that it can be shipped via regular UPS/FedEx with no need for refrigeration until it is actually opened for use by the consumer.

    The manufacturer reccomends not to overfeed Doc’s Eco Eggs or you might have a protein skimmer.  RLSS DC controllable protein skimmers offer a 30 minute feed timer button as do many of the Reef Octopus models so we reccomened pushing the 30 minute feed timer button when using a lot of the food at one time.

    Doctor Eco Systems recommends breaking up the egg mass in a cup of water prior to feeding your aquarium, but you may also squeeze some  directly onto your finger and add it directly to the aquarium. The egg gel tends to stay together longer, allowing large fish and larger LPS corals to ingest larger globs of the food. Small fish and corals benefit more from breaking the eggs up in a cup of water prior to feeding, but either way, the food is very versatile and none of your livestock will pass it up.

    Doc’s Eco Eggs have a guaranteed nutritional content of 25.4% protein, 2.54% fat, 0.5% Omega 3, 0.3% Omega 6, 58% moisture, and 0% fiber. You can see an extremely detailed analysis of  Doc’s Eco Eggs by Midwest Laboratories by clicking this link.  Once you click the link, click on the “product manual” tab.

    The first order from Doctor Eco Systems is expected to arrive on July 24th, 2014 and pre-orders are being accepted now.

    In an upcoming article we will be discussing Doc’s Eco Bytes and Doc’s Eco Brew.