• Build My LED and Aquarium Specialty Strike Distribution Agreement

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    Nick Klase, the owner and technical knowhow behind the Build My LED brand have struck a distribution agreement with Aquarium Specialty.  Here’s what Nick and Company had to say obout their new partnership with Aquarium Specialty.

    “Build My LED is pleased to announce an online sales agreement with Aquarium Specialty.  The agreement with Aquarium Specialty will expand our online retail sales presence in the aquarium market, and it will enable our customers to enjoy one-stop-shopping on the Internet.  By coupling Aquarium Supply’s extensive reef aquarium knowledge with our proprietary LED lighting systems, our customers will be able to enjoy healthier and happier reefs.”

    LED Fixture

    About Build My LED:  Specialized LED Lighting Solutions

    We are the industry leader in customized, commercial-grade LED lighting systems for both residential and commercial applications. Our high quality U.S. made products give you more light for less money and we routinely exceed our customer’s expectations when it comes to service. Over the last decade, our team has worked with LEDs as they have evolved into an economical and flexible replacement for outdated and expensive lighting systems.

    We can help design a customized lighting system that meets your goals; our lighting engineers can show you how to save money on energy bills, select combinations of LEDs that supply the color balance you need and enjoy the 50,000 hour plus life span of industrial grade LEDs.

    We make it easy to enjoy the benefits of upgrading to LED lights, and our stress-free design process has quickly generated a long list of happy customers including universities, corporations and numerous hobbyists from around the world.

    Sleek, Space-Saving Design

    Our fixtures are efficiently designed and will save you space. In profile, they are just 2″ wide and 1″ tall—not much bigger than a single fluorescent bulb—which is pretty extraordinary considering the amount of light they deliver.

    Built Texas Tough

    These sleek fixtures will compliment any environment, but we also build them “Texas-Tough” from a highly-engineered section of extruded aluminum. In addition to the robust metal design, the aluminum doubles as an extremely efficient heat sink to remove the heat from the LEDs without requiring the use of noisy and unreliable cooling fans. The LEDs are protected by a rugged, water resistant polycarbonate cover that protects them from splashes and allows you to easily wipe them clean.

    Energy Efficient

    Compared to traditional lighting systems, our powerful LEDs will typically allow you to decrease your energy consumption by 55% to 75%. In fact, most of our customers are able to pay for their new LED lights by using the savings associated with the reduced energy bills and lamp replacement costs. Every day, customers are learning that LED lighting systems have the lowest total cost of ownership compared to any other lighting system. Watt for watt, dollar for dollar, our breakthrough lighting system delivers more light. Period.

    Unlimited Customization Options

    By building every fixture to order in Austin, Texas, Build My LED is the ONLY company to offer more than 565 million custom LED color combinations. With our Design It Yourself configurator, we give you real-time charts and metrics for your customized lighting system. In addition to our unmatched color options, all of our LED lights are available in 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” lengths, and we also offer you the choice of five precision beam angles to deliver the light exactly where you need it.