• BioTek Marine Ceramic Reef Rock is Here

    BioTek Marine Ceramic Reef Rock

    Aquarium Specialty is pleased to announce a new line of reef-ready ceramic rock to its expanding line of BioTek Marine products.

    Each piece of reef-ready ceramic rock is carefully hand sculpted by experienced artisans.  BioTek Marine ceramic rock does not need curing.  Simply add it to your aquarium and it will begin colonizing coralline algae and probiotic bacteria along with your favorite corals.  Unlike some other ceramic rock options on the market, BioTek Marine Ceramic Rock has plenty of surface area and hiding places for fish, shrimp and more cryptic aquarium inhabitants.

    BioTek Marine Ceramic Rock is available in sculptured cave and shelf style pieces in various sizes.  Since each piece is hand-made, you may expect slight variations in shapes and sizes from the stock depictions of this product.  For pricing, sizing and several more product images, please visit here. Now Biotek Marine has two eco-friendly options for aquascaping your reef aquariums with it’s Dry Reef Rock and Ceramic Reef Rock.