• Avast Marine Dosing Tube / Probe Holder Combo Review

    Avast Marine Dosing Tube / Probe Holder

    Avast Marine, the makers of all types of innovative aquarium devices and gear, have come up with a great new product.  We are not sure if they have come up with a catchy name like their swabbie self cleaning head, or self shaking Vibe Zeovit reactor but we are calling it the “Better Than Sliced Bread All-In-One Magnetic  Dosing Tube / Probe Holder”.  The magnetic combo dosing tube / probe holder features removable rubber inserts that allows the user to switch to and from using the holder as a dosing tube holder or an aquarium controller probe holder.  Another nice feature is that the back of the magnets feature a thin grippy rubber backing that prevents the magnets from easily slipping out of position.  As you can see from the picture above, the magnetic holder will hold up to 4 dosing tube lines or 4 standard aquarium controller probes.

    Back side of the magnet:

    All-in-all this might be the best and well thought out magnetic probe or dosing tube holder that we have seen to date.  For more information abut pricing and availability click the link.