• Aqua Specialty Wholesale is Going Live

    Aquarium Specialty launches wholesale website dedicated to supplying retail aquarium stores and service/installation companies through www.AquaSpecialty.com.  Aquarium Specialty is bringing their outstanding customer service, robust inventory, and purchasing power to the wholesale side of the aquarium equipment hobby with their newest venture, Aqua Specialty Wholesale. Although the site is currently viewable to the public, and with the retail prices listed for the moment, Aqua Specialty Wholesale will soon be put on lockdown, accessible only to fish stores and installation/service companies through account login.

    Aqua Specialty

    Please note that AquaSpecialty.com is currently set to demo mode, meaning you cannot place an order for the items listed but the site is expected to go live later tonight.  Aqua Specialty will carry all of the top shelf brands like Aqua Illumination, EcoTech Marine, Gryphon, Royal Exclusiv, Tunze, and Vertex Aquaristik. If you are interested is setting up a wholesale account then you can contact Aqua Specialty directly through the website or by calling 803.788.5990.  Aqua Specialty will require a copy of your business license, proper tax documents, and trade references before account setup is considered.