• Cool new Stuff from Aqua Illumination

    Nano Black

    Aqua Illumination is continuing to launch new products along with a few upgrades to existing products.  The Nano Sol has been around for a while now but now it’s available with a black case.  In the past the Aqua Illumination Nano Sol was only available in white but now it’s available in black to match your nano aquarium.  Also, Aqua Illumination decided to remove the mounting arm from the package and reduce the price of the fixture for anyone that doesn’t need the mounting arm.  Going forward the mounting arm will be sold as an optional accessory.


    Aqua Illumination is now offering the new customizable LED PowerPucks with 11 possible color choices.  The Aqua Illumination PowerPucks are selling for $49.99 each on the Aqua Illumination website and they are only available as an upgrade through Aqua Illumination at this time.  If you are buying an Aqua Illumination Vega fixture then you will need to purchase it through your retailer or distributor (Aquarium Specialty is who we would recommend :) and then contact Aqua Illumination if you wish to add a custom PowerPuck to your existing Aqua Illumination Vega fixture.  The latest firmware will recognize each new LED color so it’s possible to control the new colors independently as you would expect.  For all Aqua Illumination products please visit here.