• Upgraded Aqua Illumination’s Wireless Controller

    Aqua Illumination caught us off guard again with their new and improved Aqua Illumination Wireless Controller that features improved buttons for easier control and a vivid color display while remaining at the same $79.95 cost as the older version.  For wireless and world wide control from your smart phone, tablet, or desktop please see the Aqua Illumination Director controller.

    AI Wireless Controller

    AI Wireless Controller Advantages:

    With a vivid display and built-in wireless capability the Aqua Illumination controller is sure to make managing your lighting very colorful.  The new AI Controller features include:

    • Wireless Control
    • Intuitive easy to Navigate Menus
    • Sweeping Clouds & Lightning
    • Up to 30 Timers
    • Easy press buttons
    • Increased Menu Options
    • Energy Saver screen mode
    • Includes USB Power Adapter


    New, Improved Buttons

    Controllers now feature more reliable, easier to use buttons. Each button makes a subtle audible click when pressed to help users know that the button has been engaged.

    Simply Simple

    With a new, vivid color display and user-friendly interface, the new controller is easier to read and fun to use.

    Weather Effects

    Setup sweeping cloud cover which travels across light fixtures. Add lightning to the mix for the ultimate in realistic weather effects.