• BioTek-Marine-Felt-Filter-Socks

    Felt vs. Nylon Filter Socks, which is best for You?

    In August 2014 BioTek Marine introduced it’s new high quality, double stitched 4″ & 7″ nylon filter socks.  These socks have been a huge success for hobbyists all over the US.  Recently, BioTek Marine decided to also offer the felt material filter socks and diligently began to source the best materials available.  After some R&D, […]

  • Reef Bum’s New Website & Royal Exclusiv Dreambox System

    Keith Berkelhamer, Founder & Chief Reefologist, and Aquarium Specialty customer and has launched a new website called ReefBum.com and we thought it would be nice if you knew about it. Reef Bum was setup to help hobbyists create the reef tank of their dreams.  Per the ReefBum website, Keith is focusing on three main areas: […]

  • tek-bio-sumps-blog

    The New BioTek Marine Sumps

    BioTek Marine Tek and Bio Series Sumps are now available from Aquarium Specialty.  Bio Series and Tek Series sumps are each available in 3 standard sizes and the color schemes for each series match up nicely with the BioTek Marine Media Reactors and Pellet Driver Reactors.  Each sump is expertly designed and constructed from cast […]

  • Reactors-Blog

    The New BioTek Marine Reactors are Here

    Aquarium Specialty is pleased to announce that the new BioTek Marine Reactors are now shipping.  BioTek Marine offers 2 different lines of Media and Pellet Driver Reactors and each reactor type is available in 3 different sizes.  The Bio Series reactors are black and red with clear acrylic tubing with the Tek Series reactors are […]

  • New BioTek Media Reactors Coming Soon

    We are pleased to announce that BioTek Marine has more new products in production! Aquarium Specialty displayed the two new Bio Series and Tek Series reactors at Reefapalooza in Orlando this past weekend alongside the innovative & elegant new sumps BioTek announced last week on Reef Builders. The two series, Tek Series and Bio Series, are similar […]

  • The Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon 230 Watt Pump is a Beast

    The New Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon 230 Watt Pump is the Beast – Coming Soon! This pump is sure to be a big hit with large aquarium enthuiasts.  The stock version of the RD3 Speedy 230 is rated at 5283 gallons per hour (20,000 liters) at a height of 6.56 feet (2 meters).  Like it’s […]

  • BioTek Marine BTM3000 PAR Sensor Wand

    BioTek Marine BTM3000 Saltwater Submersible Sensor Wand To see our BTM3000 product video please click the title of this article and the video link will be displayed. The new BioTek Marine BTM3000 Saltwater Submersible Sensor Wand mounts directly to the BioTek Marine sensor head and are now being offered at Aquarium Specialty and soon expect […]

  • The New Ecotech Marine QuietDrive Pumps, Better in Every Way

    Ecotech Marine has reinvented it’s MP Series wavemaker pumps with it’s new QueitDrive models.  As of last week we thought they were only going to offer this for the MP40 but as we discovered, Ecotech is coming out with three new models.  These models will all be called the QuietDrive series pumps and each model […]

  • Our Industry and Hobby are Under Fire and We Need Your Help

      The folks here at Aquarium Specialty have responded and made our voices heard.  We hope that you will join us in speaking out to protect our industry while observing responsible reef collecting.  It only took about 5 minutes to write a short note to the Hawaiian legislature.  Please click the link below and ask […]

  • QuietDrive Vortech Pump Announcement Coming

    QuietDrive Vortech pump to be formally announced next week.  Stay tuned.  Could it be a solid state dry side pump and new quieter wet side?  For a little more info on this visit: http://reefbuilders.com/2015/02/06/quietdrive-vortech-mp40-to-be-formally-announced-next-week/

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