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    PayPal Interest Free Credit is Now Available at Aquarium Specialty

      Aquarium Specialty is pleased to announce zero percent interest for six months on all purchases over $99.00. PayPal Credit is a line of credit offered by Comenity Capital Bank that gives you the flexibility to pay for your purchase now, or pay over time. It’s easy to apply and easy to use.  Now you have […]

  • Frag-Tool-Kit-BioTek-Marine (1)

    BioTek Marine Signature Series Frag Tools

    Choosing the proper tool for fragging different types of corals can be challenging but not with BioTek Marine’s new Signature Series Frag Tools. These tools are everything you need to frag almost any coral.   The BioTek Marine Signature Series Frag Tool Kit comes with all tools needed to frag many LPS, Soft and SPS corals. […]

  • Blue-life-jug-label5in-FX-Line-400x400

    Blue Life Regenerable Fx Resins

    Blue Life USA has now launched a Regenerable Fx Resin line in which they have made a safer and more effective treatment for removing phosphates, nitrates, and general organics from your aquarium water. By utilizing the new Fx line of media resins, it’s now easier than ever to specifically target excess NO3, PO4, dissolved organics […]

  • gems

    MarinePure GEMs

    Today is the day that we have announced the availability of Cermedia’s new MarinePure GEMS at Aquarium Specialty. Specifically designed for ammonia and nitrite elimination, MarinePure GEMs are made with the same formula as MarinePure’s more popular 1 1/2″ SPHERES. With a unique hexagonal shaped box, MarinePure GEMs catch customers eyes by standing out on […]

  • reeen

    CoralWear Clothing

    The new marine themed apparel line, CoralWear Clothing, is now available on Aquarium Specialty’s website. CoralWear is inspired by marine fish and coral and features a line of bright colored and abstract patterned hats, t-shirts, socks, bags, and swimwear. CoralWear features three fish patterned t-shirts, ranging from the powder blue tang, the orange face butterflyfish, […]

  • kamoer_fx-stp_graphic

    Kamoer FX-STP Peristaltic Pump

      We are pleased to announce another dosing pump from Kamoer. The Kamoer FX-STP Peristaltic Pump is now available at Aquarium Specialty. The FX STP pump is designed and suitable for tanks that require repeated liquid dosing including water changes and sulfur de-nitrators. It is an excellent feed pump for calcium reactors. The FX-STP is both quiet and reliable. […]

  • clear water

    Clear Water Scrubbers Algae Scrubber

    Clear Water Scrubbers algae scrubbers  are water filtering devices that use LED light to grow algae and remove unwanted chemicals from the water. Algae scrubbers have the ability to naturally filter saltwater and freshwater aquariums the same way oceans and lakes do. The benefits of running an algae scrubber include: reduced daily upkeep, reduced water […]

  • BioTek-Marine-Felt-Filter-Socks

    Felt vs. Nylon Filter Socks, which is best for You?

    In August 2014 BioTek Marine introduced it’s new high quality, double stitched 4″ & 7″ nylon filter socks.  These socks have been a huge success for hobbyists all over the US.  Recently, BioTek Marine decided to also offer the felt material filter socks and diligently began to source the best materials available.  After some R&D, […]

  • Reef Bum’s New Website & Royal Exclusiv Dreambox System

    Keith Berkelhamer, Founder & Chief Reefologist, and Aquarium Specialty customer and has launched a new website called ReefBum.com and we thought it would be nice if you knew about it. Reef Bum was setup to help hobbyists create the reef tank of their dreams.  Per the ReefBum website, Keith is focusing on three main areas: […]

  • tek-bio-sumps-blog

    The New BioTek Marine Sumps

    BioTek Marine Tek and Bio Series Sumps are now available from Aquarium Specialty.  Bio Series and Tek Series sumps are each available in 3 standard sizes and the color schemes for each series match up nicely with the BioTek Marine Media Reactors and Pellet Driver Reactors.  Each sump is expertly designed and constructed from cast […]

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